RUW’s “Hassad” team shines in the INJAZ Bahrain Young Entrepreneurs Competition 2021

18,Jul 2021

The Royal University for Women, represented by the “Hassad” team, won first place in the Injaz Bahrain Young Entrepreneurs Competition for 2021 for the universities category, where the team won the “Best Company of the Year 2021” and “Most Popular Team” awards for its idea of giving back to earth and agriculture, to achieve its vision of making the environment of the Kingdom of Bahrain greener. qualifying the team to participate in the regional level of the competition.

The company’s vision is to foster and encourage a greener and healthier environment through the “Hassad Greenhouse” – a portable, mobile greenhouse.  The Hassad Greenhouse allows customers to learn more about plants facilitating a and helping to nurture a lifelong talent for agriculture and planting. 

Committed to developing the entrepreneurial skills of all our students, Royal University for Women (RUW) mentored and supported Hassad Team to achieve this success.  The students behind this winning idea were Reem Sayed Mufeed as the CEO, Monwah AlFadhel as the Marketing Director, Shahad Al Morohen as the Human Resources Director, Fatema AlSammak as the Finance Director, Shereen Ali as the Sales Director and Deema Al-Olayan as the Product Development Director. The team planned to promote this practice that makes the Kingdom of Bahrain greener and healthier as well as preserving the environment.

Hassad’s Greenhouse contains a lightweight and easy-to-carry wooden box, which is filled with organic fertilizer and natural nutrients, in addition to selecting the preferred seeds of different plants that the consumer would like to plant in the greenhouse. The box can be closed with a flexible plastic cover to preserve the plants. To provide an easy experience when applying the steps, the students developed a barcode that can be scanned through smart devices to display all the information and steps related to the use of the greenhouse. 

Commenting on this achievement, Dr Nehal Elnaggar, Assistant Professor in the College of Business and Financial Sciences and RUW – Injaz team Coordinator, said “the Company Program is a transformational Journey and RUW students take it seriously every year for learning, growing, and Proudly Winning from one year to another. I truly encourage all students to join such an amazing experience and with Great Delight Congratulations RUW”. 

The students also expressed their great pride and joy in achieving this victory in the Injaz Bahrain competition, which is the third year success in a row for RUW. Reem Sayed Mofeed explained that “ being the CEO of Hassad, I was able to learn more about my capabilities and how to better utilise them for the sake of our company, Hassad”. She added that “I had the opportunity to experience what it feels like to own a business, all the risks, challenges, hard work and of course the rewards”. As for Monwa AlFadhel, she said that “One of the main lessons we learnt along the way was that we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it no matter how many obstacles are thrown in our way. A company is not just about profit as it takes innovation, planning, collaboration, extensive research, marketing and a bit of fun. I am extremely grateful that I took  part in this program”. 

Shahd Al Morohen, Director of Human Resources, indicated that the program taught her that patience delivers and it added rich knowledge and experience to her profile. She said that “As an HR Director, I tried to motivate the company members to be positive because with patience comes success”. As for Fatema Al Sammak, she pointed out that “being part of the Injaz Company Program is considered one of the greatest opportunities that I have ever had in my life, which was a splendid journey and I would like to thank all mentors and team members for their great efforts and enthusiasm that led us for such an incredible success”.  

The Sales Director of Hassad team, Sheeren Ali, said that “Injaz Experience was wonderful, I learned how to work efficiently as part of a team, how to be patient and how to be an entrepreneur, but most importantly that it’s not only the destination that matters but the journey and lessons we learned along the way”. Dima Al-Olayan, the Product Development Director concluded about the experience of participating in INJAZ Bahrain and winning the competition by saying “In INJAZ, I gained leadership skills and learned how to work for a unified vision as a team member, I gained a lot from this experience and the most are my precious relationships with my teammates.”


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