The President of the University of Bahrain Honors the Winners in the Clean Energy Workshop

The President of the University of Bahrain, Prof. Riyad Yousif Hamzah, honored the winners and participants in the workshop competition Promoting Girls Role in Clean Energy Sector”, on Tuesday March 23, 2021. The workshop was held during the past two weeks in cooperation with the Sharifa Alawadhi Youth and Children Club.

The President of the University lauded the role of the College of Science in creating training opportunities and assuming social responsibility in enhancing the role of girls in the society and the labor market. Noting the importance of getting to know all types of clean renewable energies driven from nature and their uses, to explore prospects and create an aware generation that will lead in the various fields of energy. He added, “We expect our young men and women to further progress and innovate in the field of energy research.”

The president thanked the six participants for their efforts in the workshop, the two participants Zainab Ayman and Ilaf Noufail won an award for the Best Energy Model, the two participants Fatema Al-Shhaikh and Fatima Almalki won the award for Most Interactive during the workshop, and Fatima Faraj and Aisha Al-Ahmad won the award for Best Presentation.

The Dean of Science College, Dr. Mohamed El-Hilo, called for using energy in an environmentally friendly way to preserve both the environment and energy sources.

It is important every individual starts from their home, by preserving electricity and water, for example. “In order for this generation to be aware of energy related issues, they must first understand the uses of energy, to then adopt new methods, and support preserving natural energy sources,” he added.

The head of the Department of Physics, Dr. Hanan Albuflasa, said that the number of participants exceeded the expectations with 64 participants; mainly girls aged 12-18 years. The first week of the workshop focused on presenting several lectures on clean energy in cooperation with the Department of Physics, and later the participation of distinguished members of the science club who provided the girls with the necessary materials for the activities and the competition.

“We seek to present additional similar activities, participate in international competitions, and cooperate with the Sharifa Alawadhi Youth and Children Club to represent Bahrain in various fields,” Dr. Al-Bufalasa stated. She noted the high number of participants in such activities, as one hundred children participated in a workshop related to water issues around the world. It is important to make youngsters aware of scientific concerns through the art of entertainment, she said.

The Head of Nurseries and Childhood Development, Amal Albuflasa thanked the University for this opportunity and several collaborative works done in the past. She stressed the importance of women and girls’ role in this sector and hoped to see female scientists and specialists in renewable energy resources, such as running water, wind, and solar energy.


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